With Ahrefs Enterprise, your team comes together to grow your web presence.

From junior content marketer to technical SEO advisor, each team member gets the data and tools they need to transform insights into action.

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Ahrefs is used by marketers from the world’s leading companies.

Why Ahrefs Enterprise?

With 11.6 billion search queries and the most extensive index of live backlinks behind us, Ahrefs offers a single source of truth to make strategic decisions.

Check out our data

Global scale for global enterprises

  • 10 search engines

  • 229 countries

  • 13 languages

Wherever your offices are and wherever your business is – in Nizhyn, Shanghai, or Chicago – Ahrefs will help you gain greater visibility.

Intuitive tools and in-app guidance

Whether you’re identifying target keywords, digging for competitive intel or running an internal site audit, we highlight key insights to pay attention to and embed tutorials, best practices, and insider tips right in our interface. No matter what level of technical know-how a team member has, they’ll be able to make full use of our scoring algorithms and powerful recommendations.

Visualize progress and prove value

See big-picture metrics like share of voice and organic performance to more granular reports on a domain, keyword and backlink level. Map out where you’ve been and where you want to go next, and see how far you’ve come.

Unique features

More control and more support to run the business.

Google Data Studio integration

Build custom dashboards leveraging Ahrefs data and other digital marketing analytics to paint a full picture of your performance. Use our pre-built templates to share marketing insights with the whole team.

Better access management

Share projects across the whole organization, make them private or allow only specific users access. Organize projects into folders for easier collaboration and greater productivity across teams, regions, and brands.

1:1 customer support

Have help at your fingertips, always. Your team gets a dedicated Ahrefs account manager to show you the ropes of the platform, expedite your requests, and help provide resources to reach your goals.

Scalable, per-user pricing

Add your entire team to Ahrefs with unlimited free users for infrequent platform users and two types of paid users – casual and power. Now, you can better align platform usage to the price you pay.

Higher limits and plan flexibility

The enterprise base plan includes full historical data going back 7+ years and higher limits across tracked keywords, crawl credits, projects, and data exports. If you need more, contact us to get a custom quote and pay by invoice today.

Check out our Academy and see how we help build a culture of SEO at thousands of companies worldwide.

Want to learn more about Ahrefs’ Enterprise? Book a call with us!

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